My previous post was a disorganized mess, and one that took me almost a week to write. It’s clear that I need more focus in my writing, and to find some good strategies to overcome the possible ADD that afflicts me whenever I sit down in front of the keyboard.* This has been clear to me for quite some time, and never more so than when I read ghostlightning’s latest entry over on THAT Anime Blog. Not long ago, I would have dismissed such a guide but I’ve been blogging long enough to know that there’s a big difference between copying other bloggers’ styles and copying their working habits. The former is rampant but inexcusable. The latter is just good sense and worth taking into consideration if you want to run a successful blog and avoid burnout.

I think I’ve avoided burnout pretty well so far, but there’s no denying that over the past few months, my posts have appeared further and further apart from one another. I can remember getting started with the goal in mind of posting at least once every three days. Now I’ve lapsed into two week periods of silence in between entries. This just won’t do. At the moment, I have a few entries in mind that I mean to get started on very soon. That’s a far cry from having, as recommended by ghostlightning, 20 completed entries in the queue ready to automatically update every few days. But despite being less than prolific to date, I’m still happy with this blog and what it’s turned out to be so far.

I’m returning to school part-time in August, which will certainly impact the frequency of my posting here. I’ll only be taking one class, although it’s likely to be the most difficult one I’ve ever enrolled in. Considering how much time and money I’ll be investing in it, it’s probably an understatement to say that it’s going to take precedence over, say, my thoughts on Naruto or AMVs. But seeing as how this is my only blog, I don’t plan on dropping it any time soon, and hopefully I can get back on the right track with more regular posting and frequent entries this summer.

*I’ve long had a deep suspicion that my ability to organize and communicate my own thoughts online in a coherent manner has been slowly crumbling ever since I left college, almost as if I had a terminal neural condition. I realize that’s probably not the case, but maybe something has been eating away at my synapses and hindering my very efforts to think in the same way that I used to as a brilliant child and a pretty smart (er, at least competent) teenager. This article in this month’s Wired lays out a plausible cause for my mental atrophy and constipated blogging. I’ve come across similar pieces in the past that have hit uncomfortably close to home. But now that I’ve pledged myself to a lengthy tenure in the belly of the beast, I wonder how best to avoid this creeping senility while staying regularly active here and in my other online endeavors.