On its own — as it very well could stand and still be a great short/one shot manga — the epic first chapter of Eden: It’s an Endless World! was enough to get me on board for the entire series. But it was the establishing shot at the beginning of chapter two sealed the deal.

Quique is one of my favorite albums, certainly not an unheard or lost masterpiece by any means, but an underground classic if there ever was one, and hardly the sort of thing album that you ever actually encounter anywhere in the world outside of the Internet or a record shop. So imagine my surprise when, in the background of this scene in an abandoned shopping mall (?), next to the advert for “Calvan Klein” that Elijah is admiring, a poster for it suddenly grabs my eyes. I can only presume that Hiroki Endo himself is a fan; it’s not as though he used it because it was a recognizable, iconic image that would help set the scene, so he had to have other reasons.

Odd how Seefeel’s general approach to music — building techno grooves and loops using traditional instruments treated through electronics — seem echoed in the themes of Eden: cybernetic humans, technology vs. nature, the cycles of entropy and collapse, etc. I’d like to think that maybe it inspired some of the feel of the books, and I don’t think that’s out of the question. Plenty of bands have tried to pick up where Seefeel left off, but Quique still sounds unlike anything else: a little otherworldly, kind of lonely, but with a soul and a warmth that still shines through. And if nothing else, it’s a fitting soundtrack to Eden‘s woebegone and solemn beginnings.