I just read Brent’s latest post on Otaku, No Video, which was a delightful surprise to say the least. It’s been tremendously gratifying to find that people — however amorphous and small a cluster they constitute — are actually bothering to read this thing from time to time, and that a few readers/fellow bloggers have even found it worthy of occasional comment. When I started out, I never expected that I’d experience some kind of meteoric rise to the heights of the anime blogosphere overnight or anything. What I really wanted was… pretty much what I seem to have now: a nice little place to call my own where I could dump gently release my ever-developing thoughts on some of my favorite hobbies. Hopefully, it’s something I can enjoy for many years to come. But isn’t that what every upstart blogger expects from themselves?

Unfortunately, reality has a habit of intervening on our idyllic e-lives and causing us to reassess our digital ambitions. I’m now back in college again after a few years’ absence, which has forced me to put blogging on the backburner (even more than it already was). Time that I’d originally have spent at home on my computer is now largely spent sitting at the kitchen table with my nose in a book. This has required no small summoning of self-discipline on my part, but it’s been a much easier transition overall than I’d expected it to be. Putting in a few hours of studying every day (in addition to my job) has been a challenge, but it’s filled my days with a renewed sense of purpose and even energized me to an extent.

This will probably be the story of my life for the next two or three years. Obviously, this will entail a drop off in my posting here, but I still plan on regularly posting entries every week or two (fingers crossed). And school shouldn’t affect my anime viewing (or manga reading) habits much, so while I don’t watch half as much anime as most bloggers on the scene today, I’ll probably never run out of material to talk about here.

But since I have an exam on Friday (which I should have been studying for instead of writing this post), I guess I should wrap this up and get back to the