After more than a year, I finally managed to finish another AMV. I don’t know if this one really represents the kind of step forward from my last effort that I was hoping to make, but I think it has its good qualities outweigh its bad ones. That’s not much of an enthusiastic endorsement, I know, but I want to acknowledge the fact that, despite my best efforts to correct it, this is still a flawed video. Lesson learned, don’t use bootleg DVDs as source material, at least not as long as you’re setting out to make a clean and professional-looking video. Then again, on Youtube, it’s not as bad looking as I first thought it was.

There’s a little too much “lip flap” then I’d like, which comes across looking like an intentional but very poor attempt at lip-syncing. And as far as beat-sync goes, I tried to edit to the music as best as I could, but since this isn’t a “dance” video, the cuts are on the beat for the most part but are kind of all over the place. I think I relied on the lyrics of the song to guide me along on this one. Maybe a little too much? Also, there are a few clips that go on for a second or two too long, and might have benefited from some trimming. But I gave this one my best and learned a few things from it along the way.

I don’t have much else to say about this one for now. Maybe because I don’t want to waste words on a video that, most likely, is going to be stripped of its music within hours or even minutes of being uploaded to Youtube. But I might as well upload it anyway and see what happens. You can always grab a copy of it at, you know.