So, as of today, Amazon is selling the new Evangelion movie on DVD for just ten dollars?

This should be a good thing for fans, right? So why do I feel conflicted about it?

I just can’t help but wonder how undercutting every other online retailer, let alone the few big box stores that will actually bother to carry the film, is going to be a good thing for the anime DVD market. I’m sure that companies like Rightstuf and many of their smaller competitors are counting on releases like this to keep them in the black. What happens when fans peel away from specialty anime retailers and the brick-and-mortar stores and flock to Amazon, who probably regard Evangelion 2.22 as just another widget to sell?

Did Amazon talk (force?) Funimation down to a low, low “wholesale price” on this title, ala Wal Mart and pickles? Or are Amazon discounting it themselves, short-selling it in hopes to lure customers who might feel tempted to bundle a few other items in with their purchase before checking out? Either way, will Funimation walk away from it all with the money they deserve, or has the system crumbled to the point where licensing and releasing a “big” title like this just isn’t the moneymaking event that it used to be?

I’ll admit that I don’t understand the economics behind this market, but economically and morally, something about this just doesn’t sit right with me. Ultimately, what is this movie “worth” and (why) does it matter?

Will I preorder from Amazon? Even after airing out my concerns here, well… I just gave them free advertising, so I might as well go all in and add it to my cart. Ugh.