Behold: early photos and accounts from the dawn of American anime fandom.

I’ve no idea what anime this is but I lol’ed at this entry. This blogger needs to post more often.

Roger Ebert pans Battle: Los Angeles and Red Riding Hood in reliably hilarious fashion.

Nopybot’s “My History With Anime” project continues to grow with more entries this week. It’s still not too late to join in!

A thoughtful and interesting non-review of Oreimo, several months old now but new to me. Well-written, well thought-out posts like this remind me how badly I need to up my game in this whole blogging thing.

Where are the A-list anime bloggers?

Countless entries on the earthquake in Japan this week, too many to sort through or post here. But many have provided helpful information on where to donate to help victims. The most helpful link I found in this blogosphere-wide roundup of Japan charities? I do plan on donating something in the next week or two, so I’m glad to find a tool like this to help in the process.

And a thoughtful, concise editorial on the future of Libya and the choice that stands before us today. Not to downplay the tragedy of the earthquake in Japan, but a Gaddafi victory would certainly be a human tragedy of a magnitude we haven’t seen since Rawanda or the Balkans. This is the week for the west to act. It can’t wait any longer.