So far I’ve found three Sonic Youth AMVs on the entire Internet. This one is my favorite. The others didn’t make it much of a contest, but that doesn’t take away from how much I genuinely love what plan_b did with his/her eponymously-titled, sole effort.

Generally speaking, no one really cares about AMVs like this these days. I’m talking about clean, subtitle-free, nicely-coded, simple AMVs that don’t utilize loads of complicated effects. No, it’s not “Skittles” or “Rah Hey!” but what is? Well, lots of videos, I guess. If you want anyone to actually watch your AMV, then you’d better go all out like those did or start looking for another hobby instead. Unless, of course, you’re churning out worthless trash like this, which is guaranteed to get you millions of views and one of the best ways to make friends on the Internet in 2012.

I can see why viewers might not like this video. “Where’s the sync?” It’s there, you chucklehead. It’s just not what you’re used to. Heaven forbid anyone has to watch a shot that lasts more than two seconds anymore.

This song sorta changed my life so I’ll admit that I’m probably biased towards what the editor was trying to do here. But I feel like I knew where the editor was coming from when he or she made this, so it really hits home with me. The song compliments the film nicely and together they build a mood that’s more interesting than the RAAAGE!! that most editors go for. I shouldn’t be surprised that that’s the way it is, or that more anime fans prefer it that way, but here we are.

Been trying to get in touch with the person who made this but no luck so far. If you are Internet user plan_b, check your Org inbox or drop me a comment sometime!