I saw this AMV at Sakura-Con last year and loved it. Well, all of it except for the pointless ending with its obligatory nod to Internet meme culture (really not necessary, terribly overdone and an angry/hateful end to what had been a fun video). But, I thought, maybe I’m being too hard on that stuff. After all, the rest of the video was totally original and hilarious. Where would you find a song like that, anyway? Editor must’ve been digging deep to find a song like that! Anyway, hats off to him for this simple but inspired idea! Er, that’s the gist of the entry that I originally wanted to write about it but never got around to.

A few months later I discovered this. Well, getting your inspiration from an Internet meme still isn’t as bad as a Family Guy reference.

Then I watched this.

So yeah, this video is hot garbage. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.