I was in the middle of planning and making clips for my next AMV when I decided to actually check Youtube to see if my idea had been used before. Seemed like a waste of time and not worth looking into. What were the odds that more than a handful of editors would make an AMV with a Pulp song, let alone one set to “Sunrise”? And then for it to use footage from Welcome to the NHK (a popular enough anime, but never one that’s been a hot source for AMVs)?

So I sat dumbfounded in the school library, staring at the screen in disbelief. Someone else had actually beaten me to the punch. But was their video actually any good?

In the end I’m going to say no. The editor actually uses a lot of ideas that I had (particularly with lyric sync), but there’s little to no effort at music sync, long clips hang in place with no cuts where the song indicates that there could or should be, and the video quality is terrible, with subtitles moving in and out of the frame and lots of blocking and overall bad-looking footage. I hate to beat up on this video because I can obviously see what the editor was trying to do (I had a lot of the same ideas, myself) but it’s too slow-moving and the visual quality leaves a lot to be desired.

I thought about going ahead with my idea anyway but in the end I scrapped it and decided to make a different NHK video instead, which I’m working on right now. I don’t think anyone would have called me out on “copying” this video if even I had stuck with my original idea, but I guess I just wanted to play it safe. Besides, the Internet doesn’t need another video that would essentially be the same.