Between this TV special and the damage we did to our toy turntable via scratching and needle-dropping (to say nothing of the fun we had with dual-cassette deck in my first real stereo), I developed a fondness for remixing and plunderphonics that I wouldn’t find an outlet for until I was almost all grown up. This special blew my mind as a kid and showed me that music videos could be something else other than whatever was on MTV (which was a moot point, considering we didn’t have cable anyway). I’d think about this special quite often as I grew up, which I’m sure primed me for AMVs, once I finally discovered them many years later. I wonder if Disney ever realized how prescient this was to the impending mash-up culture that would later take over the media landscape. Sure, they’re just some silly videos, but in a lot of ways this was really ahead of its time.