I finished this AMV late last summer but never posted it here. For a long time, I wanted to make an AMV using this song (or another good one from the same band) and this film (even if AMVs featuring Makoto Shinkai films became something of a cliche years ago). But like most videos I make, I tried to avoid relying on “overused” shots or simply stringing together a series of the source’s most visually striking clips, even though that’s a great way to earn praise and accolades in the hobby.

For something that I made relatively quickly, however, I am happy with it, and it helped me learn a few techniques that I’d spend a lot more time working with in the months that would follow. And yet, I wonder if most viewers will find it boring? It’s no “Naruto vs Pein,” that’s for sure. 18 million viewers can’t be wrong!