In the summer of 2002 I stumbled upon and discovered AMVs for the first time. I couldn’t believe that so many people were making these things. Why hadn’t anyone told me sooner? I got very excited about the idea of making and sharing them. Unfortunately I was very poor and wouldn’t be able to afford a proper computer to actually make some on for many years. I did go on to make some, although it’s been a real waste of my time so far, to be honest.

This AMV was one of the first that I remember watching. It was edited by a guy going by the name of Zerophite. We chatted online for a brief time while I was living at school that summer. I was very excited to find someone else online that loved anime and electronic music. Very soon afterward, at least according to his profile on the Org, he left the AMV community never to return. By the time I entered it, he was long gone and I found that there really weren’t any other editors in the “scene” who shared the same interests or even enjoyed Warp-esque electronic music. I’m still looking for someone, anyone else online, who likes anime, AMVs, and the same music that I listen to. Oh well.

“Olson” was a track from Music Has the Right to Children, an album by Boards of Canada, whom I’ll be posting more about very soon.