30-something Midwesterner into anime and music, as well as occasional other geek-related interests. Actually, I sort of hate everything that “nerd culture” has become so don’t expect to see many posts here about video games or Marvel movies.

Started this blog way back in 2009 and somehow it’s still going, although I’m posting only about once a month these days. This blog might look dead but it’s (probably) not!

I love anime and AMVs and music and especially electronic music but I’m talking about house and techno and ambient and not “EDM” or whatever it is that they’ll start calling it in between now and the whenever the next time is that I’ll check to see what I last wrote on this page. Taking that kind of tone is an easy way to make people think you’re a big snob who’s full of himself. I hope that’s not who I really am!

I have some AMVs on Youtube and also a Twitter.


Don’t worry, I hate the name of this blog too.